29 November 2020

OPAZ Announces Awarding the Bidding for the Development, Management and Operation of the Fishing Port at Duqm

An Alliance Partnership of Omani and International Companies led by FDO Wins the Bidding.

The Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones (OPAZ) represented by the Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZAD) has awarded the tender for the development, management and operation of a Multipurpose Fishing Port and the related projects at the Special Economic Zones at Duqm to  strategic alliance of Oman and international companies led by Fisheries Development Oman , a state-owned Group supervised  by Oman Investment Fund.

Together with Fisheries Development Oman (FDO), the winning alliance includes al Wusta Fisheries Company, Oman Food Investment Holding Company, Oman Fisheries company and Port of Duqm along with Lorient Keroman SEM which manages one of the major fishing ports in Europe.

The companies will invest an amount of OMR 50 million to develop, manage and operate the Multipurpose Fishing Port, with the potential of expanding the facilities and services to include several operational and services aspects. The Agreement stipulates that the winning alliance pays 15 % of the annual net profits to the Authority for the management and operation of the port starting from the beginning of the third year from signing the agreement

The alliance shall also commit to include all related contracts signed in the future a provision for assigning 10 % of the works to SMEs and  commit to Omanization percentage as set forth in the laws of the Ministry of Labour and the Regulation of the Special Economic Zone at Duqm.

Hereby the agreement which extend for 28 years, the alliance will be evaluated based on performance indicators in light of the action plan provided within the bids of the land usufruct and the agreement for the development, management and operation of the Port signed with the Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones to achieve the set objectives of the project.

The Multipurpose Fishing Port is 10 meters deep and works are currently progressing to connect it to the road network and services facilities. It also includes main breakwater which is 2.2 Km long and secondary breakwater 1.1 Km long and the total lengths of the Jetties are around 1.2 Km long, while the area allocated for the services facilities is 248,931 m2. The Port is also equipped with tourism berth, stretching over 75000 m2 that will provide its services for tourism ships within the plan of the projects. 

As for the facilities complementing the Multipurpose Fishing Port, it includes fisheries & food processing complex connected to the main road and internal roads, which are 5.2 Km long. The port will shortly provide its services to local fishermen, commercial fishing ships, livestock ships and ships designated for transporting foodstuff in addition to some tourism facilities and other services facilities.

It is worth noting that the Multipurpose Fishing Port is one of the key projects of the Special Economic Zone at Duqm that seeks to enhance the zone’s capacity to take advantage of the fisheries available in the zone and the surrounding areas and utilize the distinctive location of Duqm in general at the Arabian sea.  The fisheries complex of the port will further enhance the use of Duqm Airport services through the air fright terminal, promote re-export sector, create job opportunities and contribute in activating  fisheries sector in the Sultanate with the objective of diversifying the economy, enhancing food safety, transferring modern global technologies to the Sultanate and creating added value to fisheries.

Fishing Port 1
Fishing Port 2
Fishing Port 3
Fishing Port 4

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