The reasons
why to invest in
Oman are

Oman is ideal in terms of location as it is located at the center of the east-west nexus which connects markets in Europe, Asia and North America.

Just outside the Arabian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, along busy shipping lanes carrying a significant share of the world's maritime commercial traffic, Oman has convenient access and connections to the Gulf, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent.

Oman is an economically, politically and socially stable country in the MENA region. In addition, Oman is a country with a modern business law framework, respect for free markets, a prime location, a business-friendly environment, a contract sanctity, and respect for property rights. Oman is a place with relatively low taxes, an educated and largely bilingual workforce, a modern transport infrastructure, and where it is easy to start your business.

01. Strategic Location

Oman, a perfect location at the centre of the east-west nexus joining European, Asian, and North American markets. Just outside the Strait of Hormuz and the Arabian Gulf, along the busy shipping lanes carrying a prominent share of the world's maritime commercial traffic, Oman has connections and easy access to the Gulf, the Indian Subcontinent and Africa.

02. Taxation

Oman falls under the tax-free zone. Once a company establishes, the company has only a 15% corporate tax to be paid. No personal Income tax or any individual tax is levied in Oman. In addition, goods across the GCC countries move free of customs duties.

03. Infrastructure

Oman government focuses on diversification, industrialization, and privatization to reduce reliance on hydrocarbon revenues, and the country is committed to economic diversity and investment. Oman has a leading advanced telecommunication infrastructure supporting interconnected international and domestic networks. The Oman Sultanate's government has been making a steady and ambitious investment in the country's infrastructure, including the manufacturing sector, ports, special economic zones, free zones, rails, airports, educational and health systems, facilities, and telecommunications.

04. Capital and Profit Repatriation

Oman has an investor-friendly legislative environment and no restrictions on the flow of capital and the repatriation of profits. Full repatriation of profits and capital are permitted for Companies setting up in special economic zones and free zones in Oman.

05. Foreign Ownership

100% foreign ownership allowed according to the new FDI law.

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